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ICAEW Virtually Live Speaker

Nick Elston

A leading speaker on anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.

Nick will be presenting the day three keynote session: Good Mental Health for you and your teams

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Nick Elston is a leading authority and inspirational speaker on mental health.

Described as a big man with a big heart and a big story told with brutal honesty, Nick engages audiences worldwide with his insights and tools on managing anxiety. These insights are drawn from his own personal experiences with mental illness, mental health and adversity.

Regularly featured in the global media including the BBC, Nick writes for XU Magazine, AccountingWEB, Receipt Bank and is a founding member of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.


Title Good mental health for you and your teams
Day 20 August
Time 15:15 - 16:00

"Lived experience is the vehicle that takes people and businesses from the problem to the solution when it comes to mental health. But it’s not the solution."

In this session, Nick will showcase how to look out for signs in ourselves and other people that additional support for mental health is needed. He will then highlight how we can help ourselves and our teams.

The biggest challenges are yet to come with regard to mental health. As Nick says: "Who looks after the people that look after people?’. This session will help delegates harness the power of choice and resilience to boost us and those around us, while also explaining where our responsibilities end.

Nick Elston, a leading speaker on anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.