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ICAEW Virtually Live Speaker

Nila Khan

A fellow of ICAEW and qualified with a Big 4 firm.

Nila will be talking about business turn arounds alongside Hazan Mirza and Tyrone Courtman.

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Nila, Business Advice Manager at ICAEW, will be co-hosting the ICAEW Virtually Live session on how to bring businesses back from the brink with sustainable recovery action plans.

Nila is a fellow of the ICAEW and qualified with a Big 4 firm. She has been a principal in practice for 13 years. At ICAEW, Nila is part of the practice team and develops advisory resources for members in practice and their clients. She is also a member of the CIOT.


Title Advising clients on business recovery
Date  18 August
Time  On demand

Key takeaways

  • Create robust strategies for clients to recover from lockdown.
  • Develop key relationships with management and stakeholders.
  • Understand how turnaround specialists can assist the struggle.
  • Know when it is time to consider insolvency.
  • Strengthen your position as trusted adviser to business.

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Nila Khan